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A Long History with London

Published: 12 Aug 2019Updated: 14 Aug 2019

Based in the Herefordshire village of Much Marcle, Westons have a long family history of premium cider making with their roots going back to 1880. Five Weston generations have worked with like-minded colleagues in the pursuit of their passion: creating authentic ciders that people will love.

It began in 1878 when Henry Weston began to produce ciders and perries, using the wide variety of regional fruit grown in the surrounding orchards. Today, 'The Bounds', the charming 17th century farmhouse and cider mill where it all began, remains home to his craft.

Westons have always used methods that nurture the environment and encourage the local flora and fauna to thrive in their orchards. 'Sensitive and steadfast' reflects their year-round routine. 

Connection with London


Westons Cider have a long history with London, long before craft was cool.

In 1930's London, Westons beat down a door into the city with refreshing cider from Western England. Setting up a distribution hub in the Clapham Junction, they chose their London Cider House to be No.339, Harrow Road - setting up camp in W9.

The sweet nectar was a roaring hit, giving young urbanites a taste unlike any other.

Fast forward to today, and No. 339 is no longer with us, but the skill and craftmanship still lives on today.

Making a timeless return to London, and pressed for London, is their London Cider, new onto our shelves this month. Made with 100% fresh English apple juice without a single drop of concentrate, it's freshly pressed at Westons' mill in Herefordshire, and then skilfully blended by Guy to create a medium dry, ripe apple cider. 


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