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Why Stop At Gin?

Published: 27 Aug 2019

Life for Bermondsey Mixer Co began at London gin bar, two1four. Nick Crispini, and fellow gin lover Lawrence Mason found that the overpowering taste of quinine extract in other tonics was smothering the subtle flavours of the gins they were serving. So work started on what would become Bermondsey Mixer Co.

Cinchona bark, the key ingredient that gives tonic its characteristic bitter taste is imported directly from South America and used in its natural form, which is why Bermondsey Mixer Co drinks retain a beautiful natural amber hue. All of their mixers are created to be lighter and crisper than other tonics, without bitterness, but with a lovely warming dryness.

Why stop at gin? Why not try their Grapefruit Mixer, new into us this month, with tequila, vermouth, vodka and amaro?

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