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Made from Wonky, Ripe Apples

Published: 03 Dec 2019

The owner behind Willy's has been trading potatoes for most of his life, and inherited 200 acres of untouched organic orchards when he moved to Laddin Farm, Herefordshire, in 2005. He felt the sense of balance in the old orchards and felt it was his duty to preserve it. The apples made the most incredible cider, and having learnt the craft of fermenting alcohol, Willy's ACV was born.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a tried and trusted drink that our ancestors have been fermenting for centuries. Since Roman times, the benefits of fermenting apples into cider, and further, apple cider vinegar, have been recognised. The best cider vinegar is made from wonky, ripe apples that come in all shades and shapes. Through this, they have been able to rescue acres of old bitter-sweet orchards which have been disregarded as cider makers prefer sweeter apples.

Check out the range today: Apple, Kombucha & Cider Vinegar, Ginger Kombucha Beer.

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