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With All the Fragrant Magic of Gin

Published: 06 Feb 2019

Founders Ed & Robyn began Square Root Soda from their kitchen in 2012, selling ginger beer at a local farmers market. Soon they began producing new flavours every week, they enlisted the help of their 1920s delivery tricycle Elsie, and began peddling around London serving the thirsty crowds at KERB street food markets.

Blown away by the demand for their soda, in 2013 they founded their Soda Works with the aim of creating innovative new drinks. Using their expertise in brewing, they invented the equipment they needed and got going.

Square Root believes that everyone deserves a quality beverage, whether your customers are going juicy or boozy or stone cold sober. That's why they've created their own top-notch Non-Alcoholic Gin and Tonic. They've brewed up a delicious juniper distillate, with all the fragrant magic of gin but none of the sauce, and blended their own tonic water with natural quinine and lemon peel together. Delicious!


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