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The Perfect Pairing for Spiced Foods

Published: 07 Feb 2019

With a passion for craft beers and ales, founder Surj Virk wanted to provide an alternative choice to the culinary habit of lager with spiced foods and was inspired to create a refreshing, easy drinking ale that truly complemented his favourite dishes.

Proud to be a premium ale brewed here in the UK, Empress Ale has taken its inspiration from both Indian and British Heritage. Based on the traditional recipes of old, they have used a unique blend of malts, hops and wheat to provide the perfect pairing for even the richest of curries and spiced dishes.

Working with Chefs, Restaurateurs and their Master Craft Brewers, every bottle is produced here in the UK using the finest of ingredients to be the perfect pairing with spiced food. Each and every bottle contains their team's creativity and passion to provide a unique, tailored beer.

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