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Light, Refreshing and Authentic

Published: 04 Jan 2019Updated: 10 Jan 2019

Scavi & Ray Non-alcoholic Sparkling tantalises the taste buds with its fresh nose and fruity tang - allowing your customers to be involved in the on-going party, while staying alcohol-free.

The drink has its roots in Veneto, and has conquered the world in no time at all. It's a light, refreshing and authentic alternative to Scavi & Ray's award-winning Prosecco. Made from the same Glera grape as the alcoholic version, it certainly isn't 'too sweet'.

The gentle vacuum-based dealcoholisation process preserves the rich, round aromas to create a high-quality product. Scavi & Ray Non-alcoholic Sparkling is pure Scavi & Ray taste as you know it at 0% alcohol.

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