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Transforming imperfect fruit into perfect juice

Published: 14 Jan 2019

Flawsome! Drinks, based in Wales, is on a mission to reduce food waste by transforming imperfect fruit into perfect juice.

As well as reducing food waste, they also support the farmers growing the produce which would have otherwise been discarded.  

Founded by students Karina Sudenyte and Maciek Kacprzyk, Flawsome! Drinks have saved over 200 tonnes of fruit from going to waste to date.

"We produce drinks that are made from 100% wonky fruits, as is sourcing fruits from surplus stock - we don't ask farmers to grow the fruit for our drinks. Flawsome! Drinks is not only sustainable, we actively promote fair trade."

In addition, Flawsome Drinks use eco-friendly packaging that is made from potato and corn starch, which removes the need for recycling and cuts waste by around 60% compared to plastic bottles.

New to the Nectar gang this month is their range of four: Apple and Orange, Apple and Strawberry, Apple and Superberry and Orange.

Call the sales office on 01747 827030 or email ten/ratcen//selas

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