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lightly spiced and perfect

Published: 28 Jan 2019

Turner Hardy & Co. is the result of 15 years of lively banter fuelled by Eddie Turner and Hugo Hardman's love of proper foods and the perfect Bloody Mary.

Having worked in and been supplying the pub, bar and restaurant industry for many (many) years, the two were fed up with the poor quality and often from concentrate tomato juice that was the base of their Bloody cocktails.

Over many days, weeks, nay months of to and fro-ing, Turner Hardy & Co was born in June 2015. Since then, their aim has been to spread the story about the many benefits of drinking tomato juice on its own, as a premium soft drink or as the perfect Virgin Mary.

The tomatoes are grown in greenhouses located by the sea which, from the light reflected off the water means that they get more joules of energy from the sun, further enhancing the flavour of the tomatoes. The farm is protected by surrounding hills and on a latitude shared with the only tea growing estate in England (really)... it's clearly a special place

Their Lively one is lightly spiced and just perfect throughout the day. Gluten free and low in salt in sugar, it's the perfect addition to cocktails.


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