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Brimming with Character, Taste and Integrity

Published: 02 Jul 2019

Redemption, an award-winning urban craft brewery based in North London, was established in 2010.

The team are passionate about creating hand-crafted beers which consistently deliver big flavours - they use the finest raw materials to brew these modern beers brimming with character, taste and integrity.

London's water has long been a crucial local ingredient in the capital's rich history of brewing. Theirs comes from the local reservoirs in North London's Lea Valley, an area of natural beauty and tranquillity, also referred to as the 'green lungs' of North London.

Redemption strives to be as environmentally aware and sustainable as possible. The brewery's spent grain and hops are donated to local allotments to be used as compost and horse feed. Their policy of using green, renewable energy helps to fight climate change.

New to our shelves this month is Redemption's Trinity Cask. It's an award-winning light ale brewed with three malts and three hops which we're sure your customers will enjoy.

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