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It Began in Georgian London

Published: 20 Jun 2019


Distilled especially for mixing, Wildcat is the gin of the night. 

The inspiration for Wildcat gin begins in Georgian London - gin had become such a menage to society it had been outlawed. Captain Dudley Bradstreet, an Irish rogue and adventurer set upon a scheme to sell gin in secret under the sign of a black cat; a knock, a whispered word and money placed in the cat's mouth would see gin dispensed... fast forward to today, and Wildcat remembers this man through their delicious gin.

Wildcat has a spiced citrus taste from the addition of cat's claw botanical to a classic dry juniper taste. Best enjoyed after dark in a Classic Berry Temptation cocktail!


Classic Berry Temptation:

  • 50ml Wildcat gin 
  • 25ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1/2 shot of sugar syrup
  • 1/2 creme de mure
  • Crushed ice, fresh blackberries and lemon

Shake the ingredients together, then strain into a glass with the crushed ice. Drizzle with creme de mure and garnish with the fresh fruit. 

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