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Bringing Real Cider Back

Published: 19 Mar 2019

Working together in the corporate world, Al and Jim hatched a plan over lunch to escape the rat race and follow their cider-fuelled dreams. With the craft beer revolution already well underway, they made it their mission to bring real cider back. And with that, Pulpt was born - a pioneering, independent craft cider company, pulping and pressing their apples from selected Somerset orchards.

Pulpt's range of vegan friendly and gluten free ciders are new to us this month. Level is a straightforward, honest cider that has a subtle sweetness and drinkable. Verve is a bright cider with fruity notes, naturally light and dry with a discreet sweetness and subtle floral notes, whilst Union is a cold cider for connoisseurs, full flavoured bold and distinctly dry.


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