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Gritchie has arrived.....

Published: 09 May 2019Updated: 10 May 2019

Guy Ritchie has many talents it seems - his latest venture shows off his creativity but also his love of beer.

From his Wiltshire base, his Angel's Lore lager and Session IPA have made their way to Nectar ready for distribution across the south. These lines stand alongside cask ales Moon Lore and English Lore.

"I've always been a big cask ale fan and a regular pub-goer and I've been wanting to brew my own beer for years. I love the full spectrum of different beer styles, but especially real ale because it is so unique to England. I'm fascinated by the historical origins of the beer brewing culture in the UK and hope to draw from that heritage," Guy said.

The quality of the beer is evident, using home grown barley and with access to their own water supply, this is a great place to start  experimenting with some modern ideas and recipes.

We look forward to seeing what's next! Head Brewer Adrian Peskin will have something planned. He is on a mission to discover everything about beer and has already spent several years perfecting his skills through travel and learning from his peers.

Altogether Gritchie is quite a combination of skills and provenance!













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