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Mix it up with Island Oasis....

Published: 10 May 2019

Since they started it all in 1984 with the first frozen strawberry daquiri, they've helped create incredible drinks everywhere for the professional bartender. 

Their flavor creations in the cocktail mixes are authentic and made with natural ingredients. They're also versatile, so whether you're at a restaurant, pub or bar,  products can easily be incorporated into your beverage menus. Simply pour your favorite Island Oasis mix, blend or stir, and serve. Check out the Mojito and Pina Colada Mixes here.

We're also stocking the fruit purees - so no more worry about half of your fruit order being mouldy or struggling to juice dry lemons, as the fruit purees give you real fruit, pre-juiced at the twist of a cap.

Supplied in recyclable tetra-paks, the products can be stored at room temperature and easily stacked if you are short of space.

See the full range here!

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