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Don't Discard it! drink it!

Published: 20 May 2019

Cascara is the discarded fruit of the coffee bean, and every year billions of these are thrown away to rot after the coffee beans are extracted. So in an age where we are all much more aware of and supportive of more sustainable products, Discarded comes along.

It's a sweet vermouth made by infusing alcohol with cascara, and actually the brainwave of the global brand ambassador for Monkey Shoulder whisky, Joe Petch. Having become aware of cascara through a barista, he started to experiment with it using vermouth. He found because the cascara had this wonderful deep rich and fruity flavour, it made sweet vermouth much more accessible and also more versatile in mixology terms.

On the nose, Discarded is rich and aromatic with an easy natural warmth. The taste is full and sweet and the indulgent fruity notes merge with the characteristic bitter notes of vermouth, which dominate the clean, lingering finish.

And the name doesn't stop there - the bottle has been designed with re usability in mind - turn it into a vase or candle holder - don't 'Discard' it!

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