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Proud to be Part of the Craft Revolution in Cask

Published: 07 Nov 2019

Bristol Beer Factory started life in 2004 brewing just a few standard cask conditioned ales in a vibrant part of south Bristol.

The team soon realised there was so much more to brewing and many more styles of beer that they wanted to try, so they've developed their production to offer a range.

They're not afraid to try something new, and the company has a firm belief that all the greatest ideas are already within the walls of the brewery - it's just a matter of extracting them out of the team within.

It really is all about the beer. They love what they do, they love to drink it, and they love to experiment. They're proud to be part of the craft beer revolution, and do their utmost to persuade, convince and tell everyone they meet what they should be drinking.

New to our shelves, their original Bristol Milk Stout Caskhas smooth chocolatey sweetness and balancing coffee bitterness with dark fruits. It's an award-winning, national champion stout, beautifully creamy to boot.

Why not also check out their Independence Cask? A US style pale ale, it's full of big hop character without the strong bitterness. This beer is mainly, of course, about the hops, but they've given it a malt backbone to balance the beautiful tropical fruit aromas.

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