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FIFA World Cup 2022 is coming!

Published: 02 Nov 2022

The forthcoming FIFA World Cup is the first football World Cup ever held in winter and its climax directly clashes with the prime Christmas trading period... here's our guide to getting the most out of the tournament period!  

And if you don't know already... the first game day will be 20thNovember and the Final is on Sunday December 18th.

Where can you win?

The busiest sessions are when England are playing.

Whilst the impact on other game days varies on how much focus individual outlets have put on the tournament. With it being affected by very local issues; for example, if you have customers who follow another nation - Spain, Australia etc.

If you decide the FIFA World Cup is an opportunity for you then these are some important areas to consider: 

  • Peculiar kick off times; England's first game is at 1pm on a Monday, this can drive genuine additional sales growth as people take time off work to watch. Which will also increase if their team wins that match! Staffing and stock preparations for these need to be thorough.
  • Staffing and stock preparations for these need to be thorough.
  • Kick-off times in normally strong trading periods (e.g. 7pm on a Friday, like England's second game) will still be popular but the level of overall sales growth is likely to be lower.
  • The longer England remain in the tournament the more benefit there is to the on-trade, with sales figures from the larger retailers having shown this pattern in all recent major football championships.
  • The first-round games are known dates and times. But the later knock-out games depend on first round qualification positions.
  • Whenever England are knocked out of a tournament history suggests consumers prefer to stay at home to watch the remaining games, with the possible exception of the final.
  • If Wales do well in the tournament this will help (especially in Wales!) but in England it will have far less positive affect than any England success. It's a little sad that both countries are in the same first round group, but both could still qualify for the knock out rounds and that could be great for your bar or pub. 
    It's a little sad that both countries are in the same first round group, but both could still qualify for the knock out rounds and that could be great for your bar or pub.
  • The drinks category that always benefits most from people watching the big Football tournaments is beer - especially Lager and especially draught Lagers of around 4% abv.
  • On the flip side, food sales usually take a hit, especially in places where diners are sharing space with TVs! This reduction in food sales will also probably reduce sales of Wine and Softs. We would always suggest you communicate to your customers well in advance of big matches, whether the kitchen is running on reduced hours to accommodate the football - or possibly section off areas for non-football customers if you have the space. 

Other factors - in the last few football tournaments large outdoor spaces like BoxPark or Fans Zones have been very popular. Given the time of the year and the weather, these will be far less of a factor. Only extremely well organised and committed venues will be able to show football in the open air on November and December evenings. 

How to win the FIFA World Cup!

The secret to success is to get lots of people in and then make sure they buy everything they want as easily as possible. In a very crowded, indoor environment this can be a challenge. 

Some helpful tips:

  • All advance publicity is useful. If you are keen to have people watch the football with you then make it as obvious as possible - using all media possible - that people can watch the games in your outlet. If you haven't already started recruiting customers then start immediately!
  • Get experienced bar staff working the key games. Every second of service saved is of real value.
  • Have dedicated glass collectors on site on key game days. Have extra glassware available if think you will be unable to collect, wash and cool your glassware fast enough.
  • Ensure you have full glass washing and ice making capacity.
  • Start the key sessions on full kegs and casks. This reduces the need to change barrels during the game.
  • Encourage customers to use contactless payment as it speeds up transactions
  • If your customers like to buy drinks with cash (compared to contactless) then round up the prices of your key products to prices that mean less complicated change calculations. E.g. price all pint sales in full pounds or at fifty pence price points.
  • Because it's the winter seating space will be at a premium. How can you maximise the number of places your customers can see a TV screen from? Likewise be aware of how views might be blocked by others.
  • Consider a pre-booking system, and possibly deposits, for the best viewing areas you have. 


Nice touch....

  • If you have a prime viewing location, like a sofa or table, then why not run customer competitions to win that location for big games? Call it the "VIP table" or the "Managers Bench"
  • Pint carriers, "Buckets of Bottles of Beer" or multi-pint pitchers are all good ways of getting more drinks in more hands more quickly. You can create multi-buy offers (e.g. "5 bottles of Asahi Super Dry for £x.xxx") If you do use pitchers or buckets do make sure your glass collectors bring them back to the bar for further use. 


  • Bear in mind it can be impossible to provide table service in a very crowded room!
  • Snack food - maybe offer a limited menu of finger food, which can drive extra revenue. More likely to work on the non-England games.
  • Maybe theme the food offer - Burger to watch USA, pizza slices to watch Italy or sausages when Germany are playing!
  • Or to be really brave, make a batch of bacon sandwiches for half time and gamble that the crowd will buy them on impulse!  


Avoiding the football

Since this tournament runs during the festive Christmas season you may not wish to make part, or allocate some of your venue a "Football Free Zone".

If you are planning this approach then make sure as many potential customers know, well in advance. This will avoid disappointed football fans arriving and leaving. It will also attract customers who want the security of knowing their visit will be free from the sights and sounds of football.

Promotions from Nectar

Whether you are Football Fans or you are going "Football-Free" check out our Christmas offers that support the Festive period here..

It's Coming Home? It's a very unusual to have TWO great trading opportunities at the same time.

Given the economic pressures on spending power getting it right this November and December is more important than ever.

Whatever you decide to do Nectar are here to help your business and hoping that you WIN this Christmas, whatever the football results are!

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