818 Tequila Anejo


818 Tequila Anejo

For those who prefer herbal essences, 818’s Añejo benefits from over a year of ageing in oak barrels, offering a palate of caramel, toasted nuts, orange peel, chocolate and toffee. We’ll cheers to that.

Aptly named after its founder’s hometown area code, 818 is reality star turned supermodel Kendal Jenner’s latest venture. Working closely with family-owned farms in Jalisco, Mexico, the award-winning spirit label serves up a range of tequila using only the finest, smoothest and most natural ingredients.

From harvesting to distribution, the brand is committed to protecting Mother Nature. While its distillery runs entirely on biomass and solar power to reduce its carbon footprint, all the packaging is sourced from sustainably managed forests.

The drink's journey begins with the skilled work of the agave farmers local to the tequila region. After waiting seven years for the agaves to reach peak maturity, 818 tequila prides itself on its rich accents.

818 Tequila
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818 Tequila Anejo

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