Sprigster Non-Alcoholic

Complex bittersweet aperitif, crafted for Spritz drinkers 16 sustainably sourced botanicals, inspired by the earthy, bittersweet flavours of the forest.

A sophisticated, non-alcoholic aperitif created by the team at Kitchen Garden Co. Working with ingredients from the garden, we have developed this magical ‘mash’ as a deliciously dry alternative to a G&T or alcoholic aperitif.

A mash is typically a mixture of ingredients that are brought together, fermented and distilled. We have used many of the same processes to create our drink, but we have not fermented or distilled it. Instead, we allow the mash to infuse gently for three weeks so that the botanicals marry. The result is a wild and natural ‘liquor’, best served over ice with good tonic, using seasonal fruit and herbs to garnish.

With its mulch of Hops for dryness, Rhubarb for tang, Ginger for heat and Fennel Seeds for a subtle hint of anise, this unique combination of botanicals gives Sprigster the refined herbaceous tannins that set it apart from other non-alcoholic drinks.

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