Riebeek Cellars Pinotage

Bright plums and cherries with a touch of spice on a smooth, lingering finish. The warm climate and rich koffie-klip soil, contributes to a Pinotage wine with expressive fruit character and soft, supple tannins. Because the parents of Pinotage is Cinsualt and Pinot Noir, both red berry fruit driven wines, Riebeek's style of Pinotage highlights the vibrant fruit components of the Pinotage parentage. Riebeek Cellars Collection is the sum of the land and its people. They are a community of families in the Riebeek Valley, South Africa, that stands together to triumph over the challenges of this region, and to overcome adversity against all odds. In every glass, you can expect multi-layered, fruit-forward character.

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Tasting Notes - Spicy & RichProperties - Ethical and Sustainable

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