Seehof Rielsing Trocken

Sweetness: Dry

Grape: Riesling

Grape info: One of Germany’s most ancient grapes with an uncanny ability to communicate terroir, rendering most attempts at pigeon-holing its style, meaningless. Capable of producing some of the world’s greatest wines it can be variously described as, floral, fruity, mineral and spicey. Highly aromatic with a stridulating acidity it can be capable of lengthy aging periods where in gains in complexity.

About: Weingut-Seehof are fourth-generation winemakers located in the heart of Westhofen, southwest of Frankfurt. The estate wines represent a fruity elegance for everyday enjoyment.

Tasting note: Not easy to make inexpensive Riesling of quality but this has plenty of ripeness and just about perfect balance between a nice friendly feel and a proper bit of seriousness.

Character: Grapefruit, green apple, peach

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