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Renowned for being one of the first, and at the front of the craft beer scene in London, Camden Town Brewery have grown from a one man team to a successful brewery, all whilst maintaining focus on quality and producing outstanding brews!

Here, we caught up with them to find out a little more about the history of the brewery and team.

Who began Camden Town Brewery, and why?

Short story: Jasper Cuppaidge. Decent beer

Long story: Jasper Cuppaidge started Camden Town Brewery after being unable to find locally brewed beers that he liked. At the time, he was working at The Horseshoe in Hampstead, brewing cask beer in the cellar.

However, when it came to the other taps on the bar (like the lager, wheat beer, pale ales and so on), Jasper couldn't find any he liked locally and had to order them from elsewhere. So he decided to start the brewery that made those beers. And that's how Camden Town Brewery was born.

Where are you based?

Under eight big railway arches in Camden where we've been brewing since 2010, and we've just opened our second brewery in Enfield, North London.

What do you brew?

Our classic beers which are brewed all year-round are our Hells Lager, Pale Ale, Ink, Gentleman's Wit, Show Off and Pils. We also have a wide range of limited edition beers that we brew throughout the year. These can be any style depending on what's influencing us and what we fancy drinking.

Why is lager your speciality?

The brewery started because we couldn't find a lager we loved in London. Inspired by the lagers we've tried in Germany, we wanted to brew a high-quality beer that proved that lager is so much more than tasteless, fizzy and all the other bad press it often gets.

Some say Lager is tasteless...

You are drinking the wrong lager, my friend. Try a Hells.

Why is there a castle in your logo?

Back in the Camden of the 1800s, navvies from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland wanted beer after a hard day's work building the railway network. But one too many pints led to one too brawls in the North London bars so something had to be done. Bring on Windsor Castle, Edinboro Castle, Pembroke Castle and Dublin Castle - a pub and castle for each nation to stop the fighting in the streets. Our castle represents this story of beer and boozers in our borough of Camden.




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