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Nordic through and through.

Theodor Schiøtz Brewing Co worship nature, live by the values of their founder and brew craft beer with world-class expertise. They're Vikings, scientists, explorers, rebels. They're all of these things and they're full of surprises.

Hailing from the Nordics, their approach on beer is the way they approach most things - with a focus on craft and quality.

To the rest of the world, the Nordic ideal may appear clean and simplistic, but let's not forget that they have Viking blood in their veins. Left with a sense of adventure and rebellion from ancestors, founder, Theodor Ludvig Schiøtz was no exception to this.

Theodor Schiøtz Brewing Co's brewery is based in Odense, Denmark and the beers are produced under the legendary and multi-award-winning brew master Anders Kissmeyer, voted best active Master Brewer in the World 2011 by peer nomination. Anders' ethos is to produce beers of the highest quality, using only the finest raw materials.

They have just opened a brewhouse kitchen next to the brewery in Odense, so if you're ever in the area, they'd love to see you! In the meantime, the Polar Monkeys range is available here.


Polar Monkeys is a fun and refreshing introduction to the world of craft beer. It's perfect for those aware of the craft-beer movement, but who aren't actively engaged... yet!


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