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Jose Maria Rivera Corral founded Hijos de Rivera brewery, which produces Estrella Galicia after he returned to Galicia, a region in North-West Spain from travelling in Cuba and Mexico in 1906. Read on to find out more about this iconic brewery.

The firm and brewery remain 100% family owned, with its founder's great grandson and namesake, Jose Maria Rivera as company president. The company continues to brew Estrella Galicia in its founding city of A Coruna, in the most North-western part of Spain, which is also known for its gin production, seafood, sports and culture.

Estrella Galicia connects to Galicia through its name - meaning Star of Galicia - the star on their logo being the traditional brewers emblem. They are connected to all things Galician. It is still brewed and bottled/kegged at their only brewery in A Coruna - with the soft water from the city's taps, they can produce fuller beers, making them the perfect match for the foods of the region.

Estrella Galicia Premium Lager is a premium beer, produced using pilsen and roasted malts, and hops of the Nugget and Perle Hallertau varieties. Offering a traditional flavour of marked bitterness and refreshing aftertaste with every sip, this is a light and refreshing beer, easy to drink.

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Check out the video below of Stewart, our Customer Services Manager, talking about his trip to Estrella Galicia.


Stewart - Estrella Galicia from Nectar Imports on Vimeo.


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