Cornish Orchards cider is rooted in their authentic Cornish provenance. Making super premium and crafted ciders from the farm in Duloe, we're proud and excited to introduce two new flavours to the core range that we know your drinkers will fall in love with this summer.

Meet the new Cornish Orchards Cherry and Blackberry Cider and Raspberry and Elderflower Cider. Delicious, flavoured ciders that offer a truly special and tasty trade-up to other fruit ciders on the market that will keep your drinkers coming back for more.

These two new flavours replace the Cornish Orchards Blush Cider that's been on the market for a while. Both flavours offer clear British flavours and ingredients that appeal to a variety of palates whilst still retaining Cornish Orchards ethos of using 100% fresh-pressed apples as their base and being the perfect food match.

Cornish Orchards Cherry and Blackberry Cider is a rich cider with a mellow finish that combines the sweetness of cherries with dark tones of blackberries.

Whilst Cornish Orchards Raspberry and Elderflower Cider is a wonderfully balanced, gently sparkling cider made with crisp dessert apples hand-picked for their flavour. The fruity aroma of fresh raspberries compliments the sweet yet delicate elderflower notes.

Fall in love with the new range with our introductory offer of only £17.49 a case throughout May!

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Call the sales office on 01747 827030 or email ten/ratcen//selas

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