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Duvel Moortgat is an award winning family owned Belgian brewery, which has been brewing under the ownership of the Moortgat family for nearly 150 years. Famous for the flagship beer, Duvel, the brewery has a host of other products available from us in bottles, cans and kegs.

Duvel Moortgat's Southern sales manager, Simon Brooks, has told us a bit more about the brewery and their beers.

Tell me a bit about the brewery

Duvel Moortgat was founded in 1871 by Jan-Leonard Moortgat and obtained worldwide fame with Duvel, the famous Strong Golden Ale. While we are a large brewery, we're still family owned, with the 4th generation now at the helm. The brewery is based in Breendonck, Belgium and exports all over Europe and the world beyond.

What types of beers do you include in your range?

We have quite a few brands in our range these days, including Duvel, Vedett, La Chouffe, Liefman's and many more. Almost all of our range is listed by Nectar, so a wide variety of styles are really easy to get hold of.


What are your most popular products?

Our two most popular brands in the UK are Duvel and Vedett. Duvel is a bit of a timeless classic and the new Tripel Hop version with Citra has also been attracting a lot of new drinkers to the brand. It's strong, bitter and really refreshing for such a strong beer. Vedett encompasses four beers: a blond lager, a wheat beer, IPA and now there's a 2.7% Session IPA too. Vedett is really aimed at an alternative audience who want to drink high quality beers with a fun brand, it's certainly caught on really well in the UK!

How do you support venues that stock your beers?

We're really creative with how we support our outlets, and we always give with the personal touch. We invest a lot in glassware, point of sale and some really unusual items, like our Vedett bubble gum machines. We also install draught systems with branded fonts, as well as bespoke things like artwork, murals and all sorts! We're also really well known for our events.


What sort of events do you do?

Again, it's completely down to the type of venue I'm supporting and I always work with the manager to come up with something unique and appropriate to their audience. This includes staff training, tasting evenings, food pairing nights, quiz nights, beer and cheese events, we even have a mobile printer so that we can customise bottles of Vedett with peoples' faces and hand them out. The events are really popular and I think separate us from lots of other beer brands with our sense of fun and passion for great quality beer.

What beers are you recommending most at the moment?

Vedett Blond is really getting a name for itself in the UK. It's a very fine quality crisp, refreshing lager with great branding and point of sale to promote it. As lots of venues want to offer something that appeals to both a craft and mainstream audience, it hits that mark perfectly. As we start to think about beer for this summer, I'm also getting lots of interest in Liefman's Fruitesse, which is a sweet, juicy fruit beer that's served on ice. It's perfect for a hot summer's day in the beer garden!

What formats do your beers come in?

Nectar stocks our beers in bottles, cans and kegs, depending on the product in question.

What three things sum up Duvel Moortgat?

Quality, the personal relationship we build up with our customers, and fun!

You can see some more information about Vedett in this short video or click here for more on Duvel Moortgat's selection of beers. 



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