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We admit it, we like beer. Good beer. And that's what Barcelona Beer Company make.

We are excited to announce Nectar are the exclusive supplier of Barcelona Beer Company's brews in the UK!

Made with TLC, by their master brewers and with the best raw materials, Barcelona Beer Co was founded on the premise of making honest, quality beers that were worthy of their beloved city, Barcelona. An authentic brewery that uses the incredibly pure water from the Montseny Nature Park and the Font del Regąs, a careful selection of malts, hops and yeast creates their range of excellent beers.

The range is fun, vibrant and easy drinking, lead by The Barcelona Craft Beer.

Barcelona is the city of inspiration, of the Mediterranean climate, and of cuisine. Creative, friendly, enterprising and open to the world... Barcelona Beer. A tribute to their city, to a way of life and an understanding of life. Brewed with incredibly pure water and a selection of the finest malts to attain a very special beer, if you like Barcelona, you'll like this beer.

Welcome to The Three Little Pigs, the world of the Cerdos Voladores, Barcelona Beer Co's rowdiest and most likeable craft beer.

A beer to enjoy life's special moments: a good meal, a good football match on TV, a night out with the mates. Your most potent and brazen craft beer for your merriest moments. With loads of hops that give it that lusty bitter flavor that will get you hooked.

Join the Cerdos Voladores, rediscover your roguish side and remember that life is to be enjoyed. Be Cerdo, my friend!

Intelligent, seductive, elegant, fun, and with a fascinating personality, La Bella Lola is Barcelona Beer Company's most beautiful beer. She's a fan of healthy cuisine and healthy living and wherever she goes, she always stands out.

La Bella Lola is a genuine blonde craft beer brought from the deepest of the Mediterranean, made with malts from Baviera and Bohemia along with citrus hops that give her that unforgettable feel. 

Feel the Barcelona love with this short video of our newest beer brand!

Call the sales office on 01747 827030 or email ten/ratcen//selas

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