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Asahi Super Dry embraces the vibrancy of modern Japan- a confluence of old and new, constantly delivering unexpected experiences.

Voted the number one best-selling and number one top-trending beer in the Annual Brands Report 2022 of the world's best bar drinks by Drinks International, it is one of our fastest growing super-premium lagers that will inspire your customers to explore more.

Watch this short video to find out how Asahi Super Dry reflects Tokyo, its birthplace.


A unique 'super dry' taste that's like no other. Asahi Super Dry is modern Japan in a bottle that refreshes your drinker for their next exploration. Constantly driven by curiosity and thriving on new experiences. The desire to discover what's next helps them to know themselves better in the process.

Consumers are looking for a great experience at the bar, opting for premium brands and willing to pay extra for something special. CGA research suggests that there is a clear pricing ladder established in the market, on average consumers will pay £5.56 for a pint of Asahi Super Dry that sits at the top of the hierarchy - so you can have more in your till!

Don't let your customers settle for the usual. Don't get left behind.

Always onwards. Always seeking.

Asahi Super Dry.

Go beyond the expected.

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