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Bellfield Brewery is a craft brewery with a mission: to create great tasting, gluten-free beer that anyone can drink. Bellfield's founders are coeliac so they're passionate about what they do.

Using traditional methods combined with non-traditional ingredients Bellfield are the UK's first dedicated gluten-free brewery, producing beer in small batches. Just naturally, great tasting gluten-free beer because that's all they do. 

Find out a little more about Bellfield's gluten free beers in this Q&A! 

Why gluten-free?

Bellfield was founded by two Coeliac friends.

Coeliacs (pronounced see-liac) have a serious autoimmune disease caused by an allergy to gluten. Many other people actively avoid gluten. That means you can't eat normal bread, pizza, pasta, crisps, tortillas, ready meals, sauces, pastry, pies, soya sauce or chutneys - and the list goes on. Nor can you drink mainstream beer.

Do your beers contain barley/barley malt? How can they be gluten-free if they contain barley?

Yes they do. We use a very low gluten barley malt and other non-gluten containing ingredients such as maize to produce our beer. We've also optimised our brewing process to remove gluten at every stage, so we can produce gluten-free beer - naturally - without using additional enzymes (that break down the gluten proteins) as most other breweries do. It's this natural process combined with natural ingredients, that sets us apart from breweries that produce gluten-free batches of their normal beer by adding enzymes to 'de-glutenise'. That and the fact that we only brew gluten-free beer, nothing else.

What does gluten-free really mean?

Around the world, standards and definitions of "gluten-free" vary. For example, in the European Union, a beer with less than 20 parts per million gluten (20ppm) is technically "gluten-free".

According to Gluten Regulation EC 41/2009, foodstuffs containing 20 parts per million (ppm) gluten can be labelled as gluten-free. Very low gluten foods are those containing between 21 and 100 ppm gluten. Our beers are routinely testing 'gluten absent' which means they are below 10ppm and you can see the most recent lab certificates on our website.

How do you make your beer? Can you talk about the exact brewing processes you are using?

We are experimenting with a variety of cereals, grains and malting levels, with fermentation, conditioning and filtering. The recipes and brewing processes we have developed are commercially confidential and we cannot give you any further details about them.

What are your plans for future beers?

Bellfield Brewery will only ever produce gluten-free beers - it's what we are all about - craft beer for all. We also want to produce a wide range of beer styles to give coeliacs and gluten avoiders a choice. Our range will include a variety of styles from lagers and ales through to porters and stouts, with all our recipes designed in-house. We'll introduce new products when they meet our high standards of taste and quality. 

New to Bellfield's range are their two gluten-free and vegan beers - Sesison Ale and Craft Lager - in cans!

A beautiful, deep amber Session Ale was developed to meet demand for a great-tasting ale that's lower in alcohol. Citrus tones from the hops deliver flavour and aroma while the bitterness is balanced by fine malt character, making this beer very moreish. 

Whilst their new Craft Lager is a modern interpretation of a classic pale golden lager that's biscuity and quaffable. Bellfield have combined Old and New World hops to produce a light fruit and floral character. 

Buy these new beers and check out the full range here. 




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