Haacht Brewery.... 100% Belgian, Family Owned and Proudly Independent

Meet Haacht, a multi-award-winning family-run brewery, that's been producing great beer for over 120 years.

Haacht may have started out in the final years of the 19th Century as a dairy company, but it wasn't long before it was making waves in the traditional world of Belgian brewing.

Proudly independent, they brew a comprehensive range of authentic beers, to exacting standards that have made it a domestic and international success. Owned and managed by the founding family since 1898, Haacht instils positive family values to the 400-strong team, many of whom have followed their parents through the brewery and are passing their skills on to the next generation.

Today Haacht is committed to bringing its multiple award-winning Belgian beers, brewed without compromise, to the UK market.

One of their most awarded brews is their Primus Pilsner. Clear, light-blond in colour with a fine head and delicate hoppy aromas. Initially slightly sweet with a touch of bitterness and a dry and thirst-quenching aftertaste. Named in honour of the Duke of Brabant, it's the Original Belgian Pilsner, brewed without compromise to the same recipe for 100 years!

Primus is now at Nectar available in 30Lt keg. Buy it here.

Call the sales office on 01747 827030 or email ten/ratcen//selas

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