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SALT is a micro-brewery on a mission to unify heritage and modern brewing.

SALT's homeland, the UNESCO village of Saltaire was built by a super-progressive pioneer of worker's rights in the 1800s. They adopt the same progressive spirit through their modern brewing styles. The inspiration of SALT's forefathers can be seen in our name, throughout the brewery, and the textiles used to name their beers.


Meet The Head Brewer 

Colin Stronge is the SALT beer Factory head brewer. Colin has almost two-decades of experience from his time at Northern Monk,Buxton Brewery Company, Marble Brewery and Black Isle Brewery. Colin is big into hoppy pales, sour beer and barrel ageing! 

He shares SALT's ambition to get exceptional hop-forward beer into the hands of many people as possible.


Why not take a virtual tour of SALT by clicking here and having a nosy round!

The range: 

New to our shelves, SALT's range includes three cans, their Alpaca DDH IPA, Ikat DIPA and Jute Session IPA.

Alpaca DDH IPA is an aromatic, double dry-hopped IPA with underlying citrus and tropical notes. Ikat is a smooth, double dry-hopped DIPA which packs a punch, whilst Jute Session IPA is a crisp, light and refreshing session IPA, brewed from pale, wheat and oat malts.



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