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Sixpoint was founded in 2004 (they like to say it was born at the dawn of civilization, though that's a story for another time...) in the rough and tumble neighbourhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn. It was essentially a cult brewery - mysterious, cryptic...

Fresh, vibrant and new to the shores of Nectar in 2018 we wanted to get to know the people behind the brand so caught up with Head Brewing honcho Eric Bachli to find out more.

How did you become a brewer?
A friend introduced me to home brewing in 2008. At the time I was an exploratory research and development scientist working for a large pharmaceutical company and unhappy with the trajectory of my career I just wasn't  passionate about my work.

Home brewing became the ultimate creative outlet, where I could combine my passion for science and self expression. The hobby took over, to the point where I had essentially built a nano brewery in the garage. In 2012 it all came to a head when I left my former career to attend the University of California's Master Brewer Program. After completing the master brewers program I went on to receive my Diploma in Brewing from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling. Since I've turned pro I've had many amazing opportunities working with some incredible brewers and breweries including Jack's Abby Craft Lagers, Craft Brew Alliance, Trillium Brewing and now Sixpoint Brewery.

What's the worst thing that happened along the way?
The most challenging time in my career was launching it. It was incredibly difficult to get my foot in the door and there were a lot of let downs applying for numerous jobs and facing many rejections. Despite being discouraged I kept at it and the flood gates opened, at one time working three jobs as a brewery intern, home brew instructor and craft beer retail associate.

Transitioning careers was also very difficult, leaving the comfort and security of my career as a scientist and jumping into the unknown. But I kept at it and I received a lot of help and mentorship from those in the industry. I consider myself blessed for where I am today and all of the remarkable experiences and opportunities that I have had. I like to pay it forward now and am happy to help those interested in becoming a professional brewer.

How would you describe Sixpoint in three words?
Passionate. Creative. Limitless.

What the favourite Sixpoint beer?
Bengali and Resin influenced my home brewing and inspired my journey into west coast style IPAs. These beers continue to serve as inspiration. We continue to formulate new beers and I'm really excited for Hootie, a hazy American Pale Ale with citrus and pineapple candy hop attributes, reduced relative bitterness compared to other beers in its class, and sessionable drinking qualities.

What's the secret to good brewing?

The key to good brewing is rooted in passion, meticulous attention to quality and process details, raw material selection, an inspired team and connection with the craft beer drinker.

A beer represents the sum of all inputs and the root has to be based in the heart and soul of the brewer, and always keeping the consumer in mind they are our audience and keeping in tune with the dynamic palate of that base is critical. The ultimate goal of a brewer is to create an experience for the craft beer consumer.



If you could be a super hero who would it be?
Deadpool is rad.

If you had a million pounds what would you do right now?

I'd take an epic world tour of bucket list breweries I've always wanted to visit. I'd keep some for the security of my family. And, I'd donate a large portion to charity my wife and I are passionate animal advocates and donate to several farm animal and rescue sanctuaries. 

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