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Since 1925, Corona has been encouraging beer drinkers to enjoy the beach, the surf and the sunsets. To share time with mates in a place where the pace is slower, the vibe is more relaxed, and life's simple pleasures all the more enjoyable. And it gets better - Corona is now on draught, making it easier to serve the perfect pint time and time again.

Years after its launch in the 1920s, Corona Extra became one of its native Mexico's best-selling beers. Over the years, it has solidified its reputation, becoming not just Mexico's biggest brewery, but one of the most popular imported beers around the world.

To do its part for the environment, Corona has launched a series of beach cleanups. Raising awareness on World Oceans Day, in 2019 the brewery teamed up with environmentalist Ben Fogle to launch a national pledge that aims to remove hundreds of millions of plastic from circulation in the UK, helping to clean up and protect 68 beaches nationally, with more clean ups happening worldwide.

Paradise is of course, best served with lime. Lime and Corona is the beer industry's answer to wine and cheese; you simply can't have one without the other. Watch this short video below to find out how you can make your slice of paradise.

Corona Video from Nectar Imports on Vimeo.



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