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Rothhammer is the first Chilean craft beer to be imported into the UK. Find out more about them and the brothers behind the beer in this month's Meet the Brewer...

Several years ago, Matthias and Sebastian Rothhammer were tired of drinking from the small choice of national beers in Chile, so they decided to make their own.

They set out to create a quality, honest and purposeful beer that they and all of their friends could enjoy. Putting aside manuals, conventions and strict recipes, they started producing a beer that they'd only dreamed of.

The first Rothhammer beer was born. From that day they have led the way with experimentation of new varieties, utilising large amounts of hops, oak, wood and extended fermentation. The Rothhammer brothers believe in challenging the limits, and that is what they continue to do. Rothhammer is about putting soul and talent into each beer.

"Rothhammer beers are about putting our soul and talent into every pint and bottle. We brew soul crafted Chilean beers" says Matias Rothhammer.

Rothhammer have a range of beers designed to suit everyone's tastes...

If you're after a beer for a hot day, try their Nazca IPA, the epitome of Chilean refreshment; inspired by the Nazca tetonic plate, which creates the Andes mountain range that shapes the unique Chilean environment. It has an enticing aroma of citrus and honey for a long hop finish.

Their Brave Red Ale has been brewed to challenge your customers' senses and shake your perceptions. An abundance of Mosaic hops are used for an intense aroma and flavour.

With fruity aromas and notes of caramel, their Real Golden Ale is brewed for those who want flavour.

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