A refreshingly different drinks supplier


First generation cider makers... Iford Cider are brand new to our shelves. Read on for their story of the last four years or so.

From running a pub near Bath, founder Joe found that something was lacking from the range of drinks available to him... there was plenty of cracking beer, innovative spirits and great wines to choose from but he found his cider offering wasn't as diverse and bold as he would have liked.

A tad frustrated, especially since he lived in the west country, Joe set about crafting the cider he'd been looking for. Bold, lively and (of course) fresh from local west country apples.

Fighting the old sayings of.. '6th generation, heritage and tradition' Iford Cider is a golden liquid with values for the here and now. It's all about making it better and making it fresh.

Joe smashed the first, fresh west country apple in late 2015 in Iford, near Bath, apples that are local from the estate at Iford! Finding the wild, once forgotten orchards in pockets around the estate was ideal.
Fast forward to late 2016 and the first pouring of an Iford pint; New Tradition is the same in 2020 as it was after the wild fermented apple had done their thing back then. Bursting full of character this tasty cider has an abv of 5% whilst pick of the bold and fresh cider range is Peto Press, a champion fruity cider that will please everyone.

2020 sees the rebrand go live, Fresh pressed feels fresh dressed and reflects the confident and lively cider Iford produce. A cider that stands proud, shoulder to shoulder with the best craft brews

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