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This February we're taking a closer look at Freedom Brewery. Freedom by name... read on to see if it's freedom by nature!

Born in the city. Brewed in the country.

Freedom Brewery, the original independent lager brewer has been crafting a wide range of distinctive lagers and ales since 1995, standing apart from the mainstream since their conception; every decision is made for the benefit of the brew which is  evident in the quality and taste of the brews which use the best British and global ingredients.

Originally London based, Freedom Brewery moved to Staffordshire in a quest for better water and sustainable brewing. Now set on a private estate of rolling countryside with access to a private spring water source, which gives it its clean and distinct profile. The brewery continues to innovate with flavour and manufacturing processes to prove that lager is more than just lager!


(Photo by Jade Nina Sarkhel)

Freedom Brewery has created a wide variety of flavours to match differing discerning taste profiles from light and crisp lagers to more aromatic and bitter ales. The brilliantly balanced beers from Freedom Brewery include: a floral Freedom Organic Helles Lager; a light and crisp Freedom Four British Lager; an aromatic and dry Freedom Pale Ale and last but by no means least a citrus and bittersweet Freedom Pils - Pilsner Lager.

What sets Freedom Brewery apart is also its maturation period, lasting as long as four weeks to get the quality in the final product. More than anything Freedom Brewery is known for its all-natural credentials. No ingredients are added at the end of the brewing process compared to the majority of beers that use Isinglass (a substance obtained from the swim bladders of fish) in the beer clarification process.

All of Freedom's beers are certified Vegan-friendly by the Vegan Society.

As one of the most sustainable beers in the UK, using a brewing process that begins at the water well with local spring water, the waste-water is then processed through a natural reed system. The result is a great tasting beer that is naturally carbonated, filtered and unpasteurised which gives it its clean and balanced flavour.

(Photo by Jade Nina Sarkhel)


The move from city to countryside reflects the brand's approach to life - 'travel, experience, live, be dynamic, be vibrant and above all else, be free. Freedom Brewery wants to inspire people to have the freedom to pursue their passions, follow their dreams and be totally free.' 

Be Free. Free to choose a naturally carbonated, vegan, balanced beer, using a combination of best quality British, global and organic ingredients.

The taste of freedom.

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