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The story of Jubel...

Jubel was born in the Alps when Tom and Jesse stumbled upon a local beer tradition at a ski bar. Find nothing like it back home they used the rest of their student loans to brew 5,000 bottles and said if they sold them at Glastonbury they'd quit their jobs, and they did. Watch this video for a glimpse of who they are!


The First Year

The boys launched Jubel in Cornwall in May 2017.  Tom took West, Jesse went East and they hit the road as their own salespeople, securing 300 on-trade listings in the first three months.

After a successful start in the south-west the pair are launching the brand into London this summer having recently finished a big rebrand project with Pearlfisher, an award-winning international design agency. 

The Jubel boys have scooped up a few awards along the way, including silver at both the Santander's People's Choice Entrepreneurship Award and Cornwall's Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. 


The Beer

Whilst working full-time jobs in London, Tom and Jesse spent a year brewing 12 iterations to get to the beer bang on.

Jubel is one of those quirks that works; a naturally infused peach or elderflower lager, dangerously refreshing, light-bodied and at 4% ABV it's the perfect summer drink - not to mention it's also gluten-free and vegan-friendly.


Sustainability and the environment is something close to their hearts as avid skiers and surfers, making the commitment to offset all the carbon emissions from every bottle of Jubel through investing in carbon credit initiatives. They have two beers; Alpine and Urban.

Alpine is their original brew. It was at a bar in the Alps where they discovered the delicious tradition of demi-pêche, which inspired this peach of a beer. The aroma is distinctly peach; the initial taste is more subtle.  The fruit character is well integrated with the cleanly hopped lager and is well balanced from start to finish.

Urban was a milestone for them. It marked their move to the city as they started to distribute into London so they went to town on a fresh brew, which inspired this pick of the bunch. The aroma is distinctly elderflower; the initial taste is fresh and crisp. The floral notes of the elderflower compliment the cleanly hopped lager delivering a light, dry finish


Jubel was the beer the boys wanted to drink that no one brewed. Both are available here.



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