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Named after their founder, Ludvig Theodor Schiøtz, The Theodor Schiøtz Brewing Company is where our spotlight's on this month. With several beers under their belts, and four of them new to our shelves we wanted to find out a little more!

As a diligent and open-minded character with a very strong social commitment, Ludvig Theodor Schiøtz was very loyal to his local community, his brewery, his workers and the Island of Funen in Denmark.

Schiøtz regarded nature as the biggest and most important thing on earth and he frequently exercised this passion when he chose the ingredients for his beers .... and this approach remains today. Exploring the curiosities and changing landscape of beer, working with and balancing the subtlety and complexity of traditional Nordic ingredients, Theodor Schiøtz Brewing Co continue to explore Nordic brewing styles to develop fantastic tasting beer.

They've recently built a brand-new state of the art craft brewery located in the city of Odense, Denmark with a 9,000 hl annual capacity, and are now able to brew 12 different beers simultaneously. Brew master, Anders Kissmeyer, is widely recognized as having a leading role in the 'New Nordic Beer' movement since 2012, and in 2011 he was awarded best active brewer in the world.

Leading Danish beer writers have called Anders the third most important brewer in the history of Danish brewing and he is recognised as being a mentor and key influence of many other brew masters around the world, including Shaun Hill of Hill Farmstead, which Rate Beer has proclaimed as the world's best brewery five times during the past six years.

Focusing on flavours, botanicals and high quality raw materials, new Nordic brewing is really beginning to build a unique and recognisable reputation ...and really, Theodor SchiøtzBrewing Co are only just getting started!


Their beers are:

Gold Medal Winner at the International Brewing Awards 2017 - Lottrup American Lager.

"Vivid" is probably the most accurate word to describe this interpretation of the traditional bottom-fermented American Lager. Darker than a pilsner, but lighter than a classic. This award winning 'rich' American Lager, is created using three exquisite malt types and equally as many hops. Its freshness in both fragrance and flavor exudes of fruit and flowers from its variety of hops. With its hoppy crispness and gentle bitterness, Lottrup is a real thirst quencher.

Curious by nature, their step into the world of craft is through Polar Monkeys IPA, Golden Ale and Amber lager.

Curiosity is not only about being open-minded, exploring the world of new idea's, it's also directly linked to being curious about craft beer. Polar Monkeys is a fun and refreshing introduction to the world of craft beers. It's perfect for those aware of the craft-beer movement, who's not actively engaged. Yet!

Polar Monkeys is a perfectly balanced beer with a hop forward profile, it's great for all beer lovers but specifically the 18-35-year old's looking for variety and more advanced beers, without going full-on craft.


Check out this fun video from Lottrup!


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