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Carlsberg's better Danish Pilsner is here!

Following extensive research into the brand's 171 year old heritage, Carlsberg's famous brand elements have been carefully re-crafted for the first tiime in a long time. Working with Taxi Studio, the aim is to strike a perfect balance between form and function.

As Jessica Spence, chief commercial officer at Carlsberg Group, says: "The Carlsberg brand has an incredibly unique history. There's no other brand that played this sort of role as a turning point in the global brewing industry. That makes it a fantastic opportunity to work on." 

The aim, to be very much an anti-trend design.

Completely re-brewed from head to hop, our perfectly balanced new Danish Pilsner is wonderfully crisp and refreshing, with a fuller flavour and a distinctive hoppy aroma.

When compared to Carlsberg's previous brew, their new Danish Pilsner delivers:

  • Greater body for a fuller mouthfeel
  • Perfect-balance of sweet and bitter
  • Increase depth of flavour
  • New, distinctive hop aroma
  • Same refreshment & ease of drinking

Watch this short video to see more: 

Carlsberg remains light and refreshing in taste with aromas of citrus and floral notes. As they say, a smooth and balanced Danish Pilsner!

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