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It's time to add world beer to your craft line up

The surge in demand for world beer in bars across the country is only growing in momentum. Both new and old world beer brands on tap are rising in popularity and this presents an opportunity to provide your customers with more reasons to visit. According to CGA, world beer as a category grew +16% in 2023, and with more brands entering the fray, it isn't slowing down any time soon.

Craft Keg Ale
growth in 2023
1 IN 3
Craft Beer Drinkers
are regular consumers
of Belgian Beer
World Beer
Growth in 2023

So, isn't it time to have a think about your craft beer selection and what the trend for world beers means for your lineup? Craft beer drinkers are discerning and passionate about what they drink but they also constantly seek out new experiences and want to explore the world of quality beers available to them. There's a lot more to craft beer than IPAs and Session Pale Ales.

The CHOUFFE Brewery is the original and greatest craft beer success story in Belgium, producing top quality, globally recognised beers since the 80's. CHOUFFE has won hearts and minds all over the world with a stable and famously smooth and drinkable ales. The new CHOUFFE Session blond beer at 4% ABV is the perfect option to bring world beer flavours at a session strength, giving a fresh twist to your craft line up.

1 in 3 craft beer drinkers are regular consumers of Belgian and other specialist styles. These drinkers are tastemakers and will play a key role in driving their friends and social circles to venues that can provide something exciting and high quality.

While craft keg beer grew +8.2% in 2023, and the world beer and discovery trends are continuing to gather momentum, why not take the opportunity to combine the two and provide a delicious, fun and memorable sessionable world beer for your drinkers to enjoy? Try CHOUFFE Session on your craft taps and give your drinkers something fresh to feed their curiosity.

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