Gear up, fellow beer aficionados, because the hoppy phoenix has risen from the ashes and is back for a limited time.

In 2010, Meantime embarked on a hop-fuelled adventure in search of the perfect beer, a journey that would tantalise even the snobbiest taste buds. Their team determined a wholesome gander to Washington State's Yakima Valley was needed. There, they would surely unearth the sacred hops required for this special brew.

Year after year, the Meantime brewers meticulously sampled five hop varieties in their quest to create a formidable American-style red beer. Mixing these hops with rich, flavourful UK ale, and a touch of 100% British malt bill, Meantime conjured a brew with a deep ruby-red hue and a medium-to-full body.

Now, when you stumble upon hops this extraordinary, it's only fair to name the beer after them. So in 2011, Meantime birthed the legend we fondly donned Yakima Red.

Yakima Red is consistently Meatime's best selling beer* during the Christmas period, making it a great addition to any bar line-up this festive season!

Yakima Red quickly became the darling of beer enthusiasts, boasting more character than it's counterparts and a hint of fruity citrus (grapefruit and clementine specifically). Tropical fruit notes frolicked in the mix, but they kept the bitterness in check.

Meantime had outdone themselves. For 10 years the beer become a cult classic and raised more glasses than a Spoons bartender during happy hour. They've always had a knack for making people thirsty, and this beer did not disappoint.

Fast forward to post covid turbulence, Meantime dropped the unfortunate news that Yakima Red. would be discontinued. The crowd's cries could be heard from North to South London, and it wasn't long before the "Yakima Red Replication Revolution" took over, with DIY homebrew kits popping up faster than you can say "craft beer."

People couldn't let go of their beloved brew, and Meantime was left scratching their heads, thinking, "Did we just create the holy grail of beers?" The answer was a resounding "YES!"

Now, after enduring a brutal 18+ months of hop draught, Meantime have announced the beloved Yakima Red is back for a limited time with extra dry hops, and it's more glorious than ever!

"Yakima Red is a classic Meantime Brew. When I joined the business in 2014 it was my favourite and a favourite among the brewing team. We have reinvented this classic using local British malts and the original hop bill. We have increased the hop bill in the dry hop to make it more punchy and deliver more from those wonderful hops from the Yakima Valley. We're very pleased with the outcome and hope to see more Yakima being produced in the future." - Joe Gardner, Head Brewer

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Just in time for the cosy pub season, the sessions are officially back on, and Yakima Red can be employed as a trusted co-pilot. Do we recommend it? Absolutely! While it's on sale for a limited time, seek and destroy.

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