Cornish Orchards are well known for making exquisite craft ciders at their site in Duloe, but lots of people might not know that they make equally delicious all-natural, gently sparkling juices.

Great for mindful drinkers who want to experience the big, bold, all-natural flavours of Cornish Orchards without the alcohol.

Exp-ertly blended... Using carefully crafted fruit infusions and simple production methods Cornish Orchards aim to capture the essence of summer with their refreshing soft drinks.

It all started back in 1992 when founder Andy Atkinson, who at the time was a dairy farmer, moved his herd of dairy cattle to Westnorth Manor Farm. Once known as 'Westnarth', Westnorth Manor Farm has formed part of the Duchy of Cornwall Estate since the 1950s.

Drawing motivation from Cornwall Council's project to save, rejuvenate and replant traditional apple orchards, and wanting to encourage birds and wildlife, Andy planted three orchards on the farm. Soon, he had one of the largest collections of Cornish apple varieties in the county.

Enthused by his new crop, Andy juiced, blended and hand labelled his first Cornish apple juices in 1999. With this success and the introduction of his first Cornish Orchards cider, Andy took the leap to diversify from dairy farming to juice and cider making and threw his wellies away in 2002.

Today Cornish Orchards are a passionate team of over 35 local staff, working hard to create full-of-flavour, whole fruit drinks (and award-winning ciders), to serve both locally, nationally and even internationally.

They also continue to be relentless innovators. Their goal is to produce premium ciders and fruit juices using the best methods and ingredients possible and to strive to become carbon neutral. Cornish Orchards bring products to your consumers that can be appreciated for their outstanding flavour and quality.

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