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BumbleZest drinks are the fresh, healthy alternative option you're always looking for at a bar, when you don't feel like having alcohol or a sugary soft drink. Who said tasty can't be good for you?

How it all began

BumbleZest was born out of Dan and Emily Watson's small Battersea kitchen when Emily, who was pregnant at the time, realised there was a lack of soft drink options in bars and restaurants that weren't packed full of sugar. This evident gap in the market led them to start crafting soft drink recipes using natural ingredients from around the world without compromising on their drinks' fresh, delicious taste, while they focused on the overall well-being of their drinks' consumers.

All BumbleZest drinks are low in sugar, low in calories, have a long shelf life and are packed with up to nine natural, functional ingredients that are great for you! What's more, they're made in Britain and come in packaging that is 100% recyclable.

The drinks

The BumbleZest cans make a lovely, refreshing long-drink, while the light CBD tonic water can perfectly be paired with your favourite premium spirit of choice, or simply be poured over ice on its own.

CBD Tonic Water: Light and refreshing, created with all natural flavours and ingredients including Natural Quinin, and 10mg of full spectrum EU compliant CBD. Try it here.

Flourish + Flow - Sparkling Rosemary, Thyme & Lavender: A unique sparkling herbal drink with rosemary, thyme and lavender, infused with other botanical extracts. Try it here.

Refresh + Relax - Sparkling Ginger, Tumeric & 10mg CBD: This is a sparkling turmeric-infused ginger drink with 10mg CBD, mixed with other botanical extracts. Try it here.

Fuel + Focus - Sparkling Yerba Mate, Matcha & Green Coffee Bean: A caffeinated (80mg caffeine) sparkling drink that stands out! With Yerba mate, matcha, green coffee beans and infused with other botanical extracts. Try it here.

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