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If kombucha was a person it would be the cool, alternative kid that the entire school wants to be friends with, and for good reason. A fizzy, slightly sour fermented drink that's packed with probiotics and antioxidants and tastes great? Sign us up! Who needs alcohol when you can have kombucha? This January we're drinking ourselves healthy!


JARR is all about changing perceptions; they're reimagining what a soft drink can be using ancient traditions adapted for the modern world, using craft brewing techniques. JARR kombucha is complex, unapologetically punchy and damn delicious. Enjoy it in place of artificially produced, sugary soft drinks, mix it with your favourite spirit, or use it as an alternative to beer, cider or wine when you don't feel like drinking.

JARR kombucha naturally contains antioxidants, beneficial acids and is low in both sugar and calories. After a 10 day fermentation cycle, the kombucha goes through a bespoke, state-of-the-art method of filtration, ensuring the final product remains non-alcoholic, 100% shelf stable and can be stored ambient.

Kombucha is only as good as the ingredients it's brewed with and so at JARR they use the highest quality ingredients they can find. All of their kombucha is brewed using 4 simple ingredients; pure filtered water, organic and single estate grown green and oolong tea, organic, fairtrade cane sugar and a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). For their Ginger, Raspberry and Passion Fruit flavours, they simply add 100% organic juice and natural flavours. Try JARR Kombucha here.

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