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Franklin & Sons is a Great Taste Producer, with a range developed with passion.

Making and distributing soft drinks and tonics from a small shop in Rickmansworth in 1886; the Franklins brothers, Frederick and Albert embarked on a mission to introduce Victorian Britain to new flavours and taste experiences from around the world.

Over 130 years later, the Franklinsrange continues to blend the finest natural ingredients to create premium soft drinks designed to appeal to the adult palate.

The Range

Franklin & Sons' soft drinks, tonics and mixers, without exception, are designed to be versatile.

The foundation of the Franklin & Sons tonic water range is Staffordshire water and the finest British sugar with the highest carbonation possible to lift the most delicate botanicals of any spirit. The range uses 100% natural flavours, extracts and colours and never includes preservatives or sweeteners.

Their range of soft drinks follows the work of the founders, which dates back to the late 19th Century. Signature ingredients are blended with the best quality natural ingredients to create a refreshing selection. Subtle carbonation means the range has versatility at its heart, providing great standalone refreshment and is also the perfect partner to food.


At Franklin & Sons, they pride themselves on the make-up of their products, using the best ingredients to make the best tasting drinks possible. But despite making exceptional drinks, they do not have a "win at all costs" attitude, the team believe in looking after drinkers, suppliers and our planet.

They strive to make sure their products are vegan suitable and gluten-free where possible, so the maximum number of people can enjoy them. They have taken measures to reduce sugar across the range and now have many products with less than 5g/100ml.

Use very little plastic in the packaging, with the overwhelming majority made up of can, glass and card.

Thus, everyone can look forward to the future, one where drinks are sourced, produced and enjoyed responsibly.

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