Good taste refreshed.
Exquisite mixers from distilled botanicals.

London Essence love to reinvent and reimagine, much like the city they call home. These luxury mixers are made with distilled botanicals, for the purest flavour in every sip.

The elegant tonics, crafted sodas and lemonade and delicious gingers will breathe new life into your rituals. Create, refresh, and enjoy at any time, whether it's a light G&T or something a little more adventurous, London Essence believe the bar is wherever you make it.

Summer is served

Long balmy evenings call for some superb summer sipping. Hit refresh on your go-to classic cocktails and transform the everyday into the extraordinary with this range of recipes.

Pomelo and Pink Pepper G&T

Blush pink with a zesty, citrusy edge, this Gin and Tonic perfectly encapsulates summer in all its glory. Fragrant pomelo provides the perfect balance of both sweet and sharp, while pink peppercorn adds a refined, warming undertone and refreshing kick.

Add a generous handful of large ice cubes into a chilled highball glass. Pour over a single measure of premium gin, followed by your Aperol. Top up with London Essence Pomelo & Pink Pepper Tonic Water and garnish with a twist of fresh pink grapefruit zest and a fresh pink rosebud for a beautifully aromatic finish.

White Peach and Jasmine Mojito

This elegant cocktail exquisitely combines the decadent blend of ripe white peach with a fragrant jasmine blossom distillate. Further elevated with the addition of zesty, fresh lime juice and herbal mint, this cocktail presents a contemporary take on the classic mojito.

Measure all the ingredients - except the soda - into a cocktail shaker and shake hard for 10 seconds. Double strain the liquid over large ice cubes into a chilled highball glass. Top up with London Essence White Peach & Jasmine Soda and stir gently to infuse the flavours. Garnish with a fresh sprig of sweet mint, such as Chocolate Mint or Strawberry Mint, for a fragrant finishing touch and unforgettable flavour.

The London Essence Company infuses contemporary beverages with the glamour and nostalgia of the old world, to effortlessly elevate any occasion. When you choose a drink from the collection, you're choosing good taste, and an intelligent union of flavours your guests are sure to notice.

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