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Fever-Tree, the pioneering premium mixer brand, have launched The Soda Collection, a versatile range of flavoured Sodas expertly crafted by blending the finest naturally sourced ingredients.

The new range includes Raspberry and Rose Soda, Italian Blood Orange Soda, Mexican Lime Soda, and White Grape and Apricot Soda, they have been designed to simply mix with premium vodkas, pink gins, vermouths and Italian liqueurs for a refreshing, low-calorie spritz.

Fever-Tree's meticulous focus on quality has again taken them across the world in pursuit of the finest ingredients for these versatile mixers.

For the Raspberry and Rose Soda, delicate and floral rose is handpicked and distilled in Bulgaria's famous 'Valley of the Roses', which is combined with raspberries from Washington State, sweet and jammy in flavour due to long hot summers. This results in a refreshing and floral mixer, which pairs perfectly with pink gin or vodka for the Ultimate Pink Spritz.

Italian Blood Orange Soda is made using sweet and juicy blood oranges from Sicily, where they grow best in the south side of Mount Etna during the winter months. When combined with herbal botanicals, including wormwood and balsam, the result is a herbaceous, yet sweet and refreshing mixer which pairs perfectly with Italian Liqueurs, such as Campari, or vodka for the Ultimate Italian Spritz.

Mexican Lime Soda is made using zesty Tahitian limes from Mexico, which have a perfect balance of sweetness and sharpness. These are combined with Japanese yuzu, which has a distinctly floral and aromatic flavour, completely unique to the citrus family. The result is a uniquely refreshing mixer which pairs perfectly with vodka and tequila, for the Ultimate Lime Spritz.

White Grape and Apricot Soda is made using white grapes, handpicked from the Veneto region of northeast Italy and usually reserved for wine production. The sharpness of white grape is off set with sweet apricots, grown and cold pressed in North Italy. These ingredients are combined with Verbena, a herbal shrub grown in the Vendée region on the west coast of France. The result is refreshing mixer which pairs perfectly with White or Rosé Vermouth for the Ultimate White Grape Spritz.

Whilst traditional spritz measures are often unclear (3-2-1?), Fever-Tree's new sodas can be simply mixed to create delicious and premium spritz serves in two simple steps; by combining a double measure of a premium spirit with a Fever-Tree Soda, topped with a fresh garnish. This enables bartenders and consumers to make simple, premium drinks with an unrivalled taste deliver's on all fronts.

The Soda Collection is now available, click here to buy!


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