At Karma Drinks, the company embarks on a significant mission: crafting the world's most ethical soft drinks.

More than 1.9 billion sodas are consumed daily from That Big Name Cola brand, yet none of the proceeds benefit the West African people who first discovered the cola's magical properties. This misalignment didn't sit well with the team who founded Karma Drinks, and prompted the creation of a unique solution.

Every sip has power

1% of revenue from each Karma Drink directly supports the cola-growing communities in the Sierra Leone rainforest. This commitment ensures that each time you choose Karma, you're helping educate women, build classrooms, funding female education, supporting teachers, providing healthcare, and contributing to the reforestation of the Gola rainforest, among other initiatives. With over 35,074,029 Karma Drinks sold across 28 countries over the past 10 years, the impact has already been substantial. And with the help of supporters, there is potential for even greater positive change.

With great power, comes exceptional taste

Not only is Karma Drinks dedicated to doing good, but their beverages taste great. Each award-winning soft drink is crafted with ethically sourced ingredients, featuring real organic fruit obtained at real Fairtrade prices. The sugar used is of the highest quality - raw, unbleached, and organically sourced from Fairtrade farmers around the world. The company's supply chains are as transparent as their intentions, which revolve around generating revenue to further their mission of doing good with every sip.

Plastic-free from the get-go

From the outset, Karma Drinks committed to a plastic-free approach and achieved B-Corp accreditation, placing them among the top 5% of global businesses dedicated to ethical practices for both people and the planet. With an impressive B-Corp score of 127.4, Karma Drinks proudly holds the title of the highest-scoring drink in the UK. Readers can delve deeper into their achievements and the positive impact in their 2022 Impact Report.

A different kind of drinks company

So next time you're choosing a fizzy drink and looking for a better choice, you know what to look for. The company embodies a new era of beverage makers, driven by principles of great flavour and ethical responsibility. Call it Karma.

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