As we leave winter behind it's the perfect time to refresh your food and drink menus for the spring/summer season

Soft drinks are no longer the soft option with consumers wanting more from their chosen brands than ever before.

Quality liquid in a bottle is no longer enough. Health, sustainability, and trending flavour profiles are major factors consumers will be considering in 2024.

73% of consumers proactively try to lead a healthy lifestyle* and select low-calorie options that do not compromise on taste.

50%of consumers find no and low alcohol options appealing*. Botanicals will play a key part in adult soft drink offerings. The use of sophisticated flavour combinations will deliver a sense of occasion, even when not drinking.

A proudly carbon neutral company, Frobishers are committed to promoting sustainable practices in all they do. Helping to protect our planet and its resources for future generations. Reducing carbon emissions where possible and offsetting the remainder with carbon credits.

Frobishers craft a full range of soft drinks, from full-bodied fruit juices to spectacular sparklers enhanced with carefully selected botanicals.

Our delicious ranges are exceptionally versatile and will elevate any drinks menu. Make them the hero and just add ice or shake up with a premium spirit for the perfect cocktail.

Spectacular Sparklers are lightly carbonated fruit and botanical blends made with Devon spring water. Presented in elegant glass bottles which are fully recyclable. Created for adults and less than 65 calories per 275ml serve.

Tongue-tinglingly fresh and exceptionally versatile, these alcohol-free sparkling drinks come in a convenient screw cap bottle and are available in 4 flavours:

Simply Elderflower - A softly sparkling elderflower pressé drink, fresh and fragrant in equal measure.

Raspberry & Rhubarb - A sparkling raspberry and rhubarb pressé with botanical undertones of juniper, bergamot and ginger.

Ginger & Juniper - A delicately sparkling pressé drink with botanical extracts of tongue-tingling galangal ginger and juniper.

Crisp Apple & Elderflower - A gently sparkling apple and elderflower pressé with a hint of ginger and bergamot oil for added complexity.

Jubilant juices are simple and timeless. Made from the finest, freshest fruits, skinned, squashed and siphoned into an elegant bottle, for a perfect-tasting fruit juice. Available in Apple, Bumbleberry (summer fruits), Cranberry, Orange, Tomato and Mango.

Fantastical Fusions are delicious fruit juice combinations, mixed with a dash of water, for a delightfully light and more-ish fruit juice drink. A reliable refresher in 3 classic blends Orange & Passionfruit, Apple & Mango and Apple & Raspberry.

Simple springtime serves:

Elderflower Refresher

75ml Frobishers Simply Elderflower Sparkler

50ml Premium vodka (or non-alcoholic alternative)

20ml Fresh lime juice

15ml Sugar syrup

Cucumber to garnish

Fill a highball glass with cubed ice, Add the vodka, lime juice and sugar syrup. Top up with Frobishers Simply Elderflower. Sparkler Garnish with slices of cucumber.

R&R Fizz

100ml Frobishers Raspberry & Rhubarb Sparkler

50ml Gin (or non-alcoholic alternative)

25ml Fresh lemon juice

Raspberries to garnish

Fill a large gin glass with ice. Add the gin, lemon juice and Frobishers Raspberry & Rhubarb Sparkler. Mix and garnish with fresh raspberries.

Source: *KAM Low & No Report 2023

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