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Coco Cream Real

Coco Cream Real



Read on

Funkin Cosmopolitan Mix

A traditional blend of cranberries, Persian limes from Mexico and a dash of... Read on

Funkin Margarita Mix

Funkin Margarita Mix



Funkin Margarita Cocktail Mixer is a mouth-watering blend of tangy limes and sun-ripened... Read on

Funkin Mojito Mix

Funkin Mojito Mix



Uses the classic combination of Persian Limes from Mexico, mint and sugar, best... Read on

Funkin Passionfruit Martini Mix

A tropical blend of Indian mangoes, passion fruit from Ecuador a splash of... Read on

Funkin Passionfruit Puree

Funkin Passion Fruit Purée is made from fruit sourced mainly in Ecuador and... Read on

Funkin Pina Colada Mix

Funkin Pina Colada Mix



This sweet and smooth Pina Colada cocktail mixer is all you need to... Read on

Funkin Sour Mix

Funkin Sour Mix



Funkin Sour Mix is a blend of the finest Sicilian lemons, Persian limes... Read on

Funkin Strawberry Puree

Made from only the ripest Strawberries harvested in Poland and Spain. Read on

Funkin White Peach Puree

Funkin White Peach is made with only the tastiest French and Italian white... Read on

Island Oasis Ice Cream Base

Sweet, creamy Ice cream base with strong vanilla aroma and flavour Read on

Island Oasis Mojito Mix

Sharp authenitic Mojito base with fresh lime and real mint Read on

Island Oasis Pina Colada Mix

Creamy authentic Pina Colada base with real coconut cream and pineapple and added... Read on

Island Oasis Premium Lemon

Sourced from Sicily. This specific terroir is well known for its rich volcanic... Read on

Island Oasis Premium Lime

Made using Tahiti and Persian limes sourced from Mexico and Brazil. These varieties... Read on

Island Oasis Premium Mango Puree

Made using mangoes from Southern India, a region known for its sunlight and... Read on

Island Oasis Premium Passionfruit Puree

Island Oasis Passionfruit is sourced from 2 different areas of Ecuador and Peru.... Read on

Island Oasis Premium Raspberry Puree

The heritage raspberry has a subtle taste which is close to the wild... Read on

Island Oasis Premium Strawberry Puree

Island Oasis blend 2 different strawberry varieties from 2 different regions: Eastern Europe... Read on

Island Oasis Premium White Peach Puree

Made with succulent peaches sourced from the Vallée du Rhône in France. Read on

Re'al Blue Agave Syrup

Re'al Blue Agave Syrup



100% organic blue Agave Nectar from the Jalisco region of Mexico which dissolves... Read on

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