In a world where our choices matter more than ever, one brand stands out, shouting from the rooftops about "Good Sodas for Good Folk doing Good Deeds." Say hello to Soda Folk, the fizzy revolutionaries on a mission to celebrate the everyday heroes and make the world a better place-one sip at a time.

Soda Folk's refreshing cans of delicious soda embody the spirit of those who make a positive impact on the world. Crafted with all-natural ingredients, these sodas not only tantalise your taste buds but also warm your heart. Let's take a sip through their flavours:

Root Beer: It's refreshingly different, rich, rewarding, and indulgent, with a delightful splash of Canadian Maple Syrup.

Cream Soda: Sweet, smooth, and infused with real Madagascan vanilla. It's like a cozy hug in a can.

Cherry Soda: Refusing to be defined by sweet or sour, this one is your partner in good times.

Soda Folk's drinks are carefully crafted to stir up emotions and good feelings in every sip, regardless of your age.

The Soda Folk Good Deeds Campaign:

Soda Folk isn't just about great sodas; it's about fostering a sense of community and giving back. Their Good Deeds Campaign is all about supporting everyday heroes fighting for noble causes across the UK.

Jim Elliott (Root Beer):

Jim Elliott was furloughed during the 2020 lockdown, but instead of chilling like a can of soda, he jumped in his canoe to begin a clean up operation of Grimsby's historic waterway, the River Freshney. Known locally as the 'Canoe River Cleaner', Jim's voyage continues to provide a cleaner habitat for wildlife and a natural beauty spot that Grimbarian's can be proud of.

Mike Miller-Smith (Cream Soda):

Mike's dream of being a commercial pilot was cut short when he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, a neurological condition that has taken away his ability to move. Despite this, Mike took his passion for flying and founded Aerobility, a charity that offers thousands of disabled people from across the world a chance to fly a plane.

Shannon McAuliffe (Cherry Soda):

Shannon is a skilled chef who found himself with time on his hands and no one to cook for when he was placed on furlough. Not one to sit on his hands, he founded Feed The Nation - an initiative which provides good food to the people who need it most.

Soda Folk's commitment to inspiring and uplifting athletes of all backgrounds led them to sponsor the St. Albans City Women's Football Team in 2023. Football, with its values of determination, teamwork, and excellence, aligns perfectly with Soda Folk's principles, and they're excited to contribute to the growth of women's football.

Sustainability in Every Sip:

Beyond the beverages themselves, Soda Folk is committed to environmental responsibility. They transport their drinks on shared pallets to minimize road traffic. Moreover, the distribution company they partner with has pledged to reduce 90% of CO2 emissions in their supply chain and transition to alternative fuels within the next five years.

How Bars and Restaurants Can Tap into the Ethical Soda Trend:

According to Rachael Giddings, Soda Folk's head of marketing, the brand aims to create a recognizable identity that champions community-minded individuals. They encourage bars and restaurants to explore innovative ways of using Soda Folk's drinks, such as signature serves and dessert-style float creations. This not only diversifies the audience but also allows consumers to feel good about their choices both inside and out.

So, why wait? Shop the Soda Folk range today and experience the nostalgia for yourself. These natural, gluten-free, HFSS, and vegan-friendly sodas are the perfect addition to a delicious meal or a night out. With each sip, you join Soda Folk's mission of making a positive impact one drink at a time.

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